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Spirit Gifts LLC

Mimi Brown
“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”
-May Sarton

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Personal Philosophy

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Professional Goals

The Journey


I am delighted to share my journey of a transpersonal experience with you!

Through my professional and volunteer work; past, present and future, I have merged my experiences with my desires to demonstrate a more embodied spiritual life.

I have been able to take the best of my history – as I continuously recall it!, and build it into facilitating weekend spiritual retreats, creating spiritually inspired jewelry and designing workshops.

As a matter of fact, what I aspire to do from this point forward is to view and integrate all of my endeavors from a spiritual lens. I especially take pleasure in embracing interspirituality. Interspirituality has been defined as “a spirituality so based on the heart and unconditional love that it would be impossible to feel separate from anything.” For me, it has come to mean that in transcending my culture and my beliefs, it is not turning my back on it. Instead, let us remove every barrier, to get to the root which is Love, and come into unity in the service of the Lord. I invite you to share my journey.

The creative projects and reflections that I present here are the echos of that focus.

the shattered heart -

"Exploring the broken pieces, working through the confusion, understanding your own beliefs, repairing the shattered heart."
- Mimi Brown