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Spirit Gifts LLC

The Spiritual Story Bracelet Story and Meaning

I began making jewelry as a form of meditation while grieving the death of my nephew, Juwan. He was murdered days before his 25th birthday, and months before his graduation from Georgia State College. I tried needlepointing and then beading, and as I continued, I began to find a peace that was spiritual in nature.

Everything I made, I gave away, including these bracelets that I began designing and making as gifts to women in my circle. Each stone and symbol is based on twelve spiritual principles, which were also taught to me as a child - to represent encouragement and hope!

A friend, Antonia, suggested that I make them available for others and to start selling them.

These twelve spiritual principles are my interpretations because they vary according to the source. Evidenced in every walk of life; its use is intended for visual reminders only. Symbolism derives from colors, shapes and stone attributes.

Please Note: Stones can be glass, acrylic, semi-precious and plastic - each bracelet is indiviually made, and beads can vary in content, shape and color. Unless stated, chains are silver-plated, but of course, sterling is available.

Each jewelry piece also contains a Bead For Life bead (the Amendment bead). This organization works to eradicate extreme hunger by creating bridges of understanding between improverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads and jewelry, and people who care, open their hearts, homes and communities to buy and sell the beads.

Stones & Symbols, and their Meanings

Humility, expressed in surrender, is the acceptance of who we are; human, and not perfect and not God. Onyx; a quartz of fine texture and black color, it can also display white bands against black or brown background. Thought to help change bad habits, aid in protection from negative energy and to overcome grief.

Willingness expressed through motivated living as though we believe what we hope for will happen - rebirth! Green; hope, balances and counters addictions and negative habits. It is also the color of healing.

Faith expressed as hope propelled into action, from the knowledge of positive possibilities there are for our lives!

A healer, blue is thought to spiritually represent trust, peace and holiness.

Honesty with ourselves requires the courage to dig through and examine ourselves - to the core that represents the pure and healthy spirit that lies at the center of each of us.

Tiger's Eye; rich gold with earthy browns, but can be red, cream, blue or black.

Thought to aid in seeking clarity of emotions or mind, strength to get through; emotional healing, harmony, meditation, and stresses!

Integrity is expressed in our real and sincere commitment to spiritual development and growth. Turquoise colors ranges from green to blue. It symbolizes self-realization, a time to be honest with yourself; to see yourself as you truly are, enhances communication skills, and puts all situations in a much larger perspective

Self-Acceptance leads to a willingness to change or behave differently when old character flaws reappear in our daily lives.

Opaque Stone represents the cloudiness of the layers yet to be removed.

Humilty is the awareness that we can't "fix" ourselves; that we be neither impatient, nor are we the ones with the power. A bird symbolizes "His eye is on the sparrow". There is nothing He can't fix!

The Willingness to make a list and to include all amends, no matter how long the list; and the willingness to apply other spiritual principles as needed to address the amends. Multi-colored stones represent the assortment of our lists!

Amendment and forgiveness are both expressed through love. As we accept responsibility for our position, we are filled with love and are compelled to share it. Bead for Life symbolizes the balance of forgiveness and the justice that results.

Perseverance is the continuous self-discipline, honesty and integrity necessary to do the right thing regardless of how we feel. The Mirror symbolizes taking a look at ourselves daily - how have I done today?

Our Spirituality grows and is strengthened through our commitment to the regular practice of prayer & meditation, demonstrating faith. Crystals, quartz, one of earth's most common minerals, heals & intensifies..

Unconditional Love through Service requires selflessness and steadfastness in order to share the spiritual journey message with others. The Heart symbolizes the sharing and caring through love.