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Spirit Gifts LLC

Why Spirit Gifts?

Definitions vary according to the source, but basically; "the gift of the Spirit is something that God gives for the purpose of building up others in a life of faith". No special talent, skill, natural ability or education is needed - it is inspired and divined by God. It's not about your personality, passion or religious experience.

That being said, I was told some years ago by my pastor, whom I adored, that I had an 'administrative' gift. I thought he was simply complimenting me, after all I was the secretary of the church and also the administrative assistant to three pastors at a much larger church here in Atlanta. Soon after, some materials crossed my path that allowed me to take an assessment on determining my spiritual gifts. So I took it.

What I found was that most people have several gifts and they were all evident in some way in their life! I also learned that we can't deny them. That's the reason even when we're tired beyond belief, we continue on. That's why we take the initiative to serve in various capacities and are determined to have a certain standard. That's why we are led to serve in the various ways that we do!

Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy service - but while I'm in the mix, I remember how tired I was at the end of the last one and ask myself - "how did I end up here again!" And although I'm not proud to admit it, sometimes I ask - "why me God, what makes me equipped?"

We all have a purpose and a certain way to do it. Take the test. Scroll on down to the Spiritual Gifts Analysis. Pray first. You're probably already serving in your gift, and if nothing else, it's interesting.

Happy Journeying!

Here's a photo I took at a ministry where I've worked. The rest of the staff and all of the wonderful volunteers who serve there had gone home. This is the coat rack where they hung their jackets. I took one look and thought - "The angel has left the building!"

Spirit Gifts Anaylsis

Find out how your answers identify your SPIRIT GIFTS This is a totally free website and gives your results instantly!